Sky Zero - This is our home, the opportunity to save it is now

This is our home. The opportunity to save it is now. As one of Europe's leading media and entertainment companies we have the responsibility and power to protect the environment. Because the world can't wait.

We live in unprecedented times. People across the world are feeling the effects of the climate crisis. As one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment companies, we have the responsibility and power to protect the environment.

Sky Zero our environmental impact programme, our company-wide effort to build a low carbon economy and inspire positive change for the planet. 

We're working alongside nature organisations to restore and protect carbon sinks to absorb and store carbon. But we can't just let nature do all the hard work for us, we have to reduce how much carbon we emit, too.

From bringing you the world's greatest sporting events, to creating original dramas, documentaries and comedies, to reporting on news that matters around the world, we're making transformative changes to how our content is made to release less carbon into the atmosphere.

But it's not just about the TV and film we make. 

We’re committed to bringing you the products you love in a more sustainable way.

Whether that’s powering our operations with renewable electricity, using more sustainable materials to make the technology in your living room, or minimising waste. 

We believe that is the responsibility of all of us to make a commitment.

To play our part to protect the things we love.

Together. Today. Because the world can't wait. 

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The future of sport is green

Sport has the power to bring us together. To unite us all under a common cause. Sport excites us. Infuriates us. Makes us dream.

We’re committed to bringing together our love for sport with our love for our planet.

Sky Sports was the first broadcaster to sign up to the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework, committing us to reducing emissions and using our voice.

Since January 2021, all Sky Sports UK productions have been certified carbon neutral, as we continue to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by introducing remote production and removing single-use plastic across our operations. 

Through our content, we’re raising awareness of the climate crisis, the impact it is having on the sports we love, and inspiring fans to play their part to protect the sports we love.  

Watch a green future unfold

What we watch has an impact on how we feel. It can shock us, inspire us, educate us, and entertain us.

Feeling closer to our planet, to the problems it faces, and to the solutions we’re working on, will help us all want to protect it.

As a signatory of the Climate Content Pledge, we are committed to using our content to inspire and inform green behaviours. Our programme creators are always looking for ways to consider climate-related storytelling opportunities, from showcasing renewable energy in Brassic to Obki showing children how they can be green.

But it’s not just on-screen. What happens behind the camera is just as important.

As a founding member of albert, we’re continually finding ways to reduce emissions across our productions, like powering productions using biofuel, and giving props a new lease of life.

Products with sustainability at their core

Our sustainable design principles inform products that work best for you and for the planet.

Our teams are always exploring how to make Sky’s products more energy and material efficient, using recycled materials and regularly updating our software.

Our products are designed with repair, refurbishment and recycling in mind, so that we can extend their life useful life.

Force for nature

Whilst our priority is to cut our carbon emissions by transforming our business, we recognise the importance of protecting and restoring natural habitats.

We joined forces with WWF in 2009 with a mission to combat some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. From tackling devastating deforestation in the Amazon, to restoring and protecting ocean habitats and inspiring the public to become Forces For Nature, we’re working together to make a lasting impact.

Alongside Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, we’re digging into the science which is helping us to shape our approach to nature and better understand our role in tackling the biodiversity and nature crises.